"You may talk about skating and sleighing and dancing,

Proclaim the delights of the rod and the gun,

Of the ride in the park upon steed gaily prancing,

The row on the lake until daylight is done,

Praise the sports of the land and the water, each one-- 

The bath by the beach or the yacht on the sea, 

But of all outdoor pleasure known under the sun, 

A good game of croquet's the sweetest to me."  - Captain Mayne Reid 



The Brooklyn Croquet & Hunt* Club is an open and friendly league dedicated to 9 wicket croquet. When playing, games are held Sunday afternoons in Prospect Park, Brooklyn near the Picnic House. We usually play from spring to fall in the spirit of a Brooklyn tradition that is 150 years old. Unfortunately there will be no games played in Prospect Park during the 2017 season.


BC&H*C was founded in 2013 by Gabriel Vaughan and Piper Goodeve. We share a sister club in Keene, New Hamphsire, the Keene Croquet & Hunt* Club which has bi-weekly games and a weekend long season-end tournament in the fall.


While dressing up in traditional croquet "whites" is not required to play with our club, it is always fun! Some throwback fashion is always encouraged.


*hunting postponed until further notice


The Commissioner and Duchess of the Brooklyn Croquet & Hunt* Club

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